“Show me where you spend your time and I’ll tell you what you care about.”

To the people of the State of Illinois,

Before accepting a role with the state I always said that if there ever came a time when I no longer believed the work I was contributing to was genuine and a priority for the Illinois’ leadership, I would no longer continue my role. I also said that I would tell you so. Unfortunately, that day has come

Effective immediately, I resign my appointment as the Acting Assistant Director of Central Management Services for the State of Illinois.

Why take the job

This always was more than just another job for me. I accepted a role with Illinois because I saw it as my chance to give back to my community at scale. Our state has a long history lacking committed strategic investments into the needs of it’s minority constituents. I was conscious of this and chose to be committed to making meaningful and measurable impact towards this work. So if I was going to do this job it had to be real. It had to be a core focus and one of the primary goals for leadership. Filler content for press releases wasn’t ever going to be enough.

What next

As far as my succession goes I will continue the work I’ve begun except in my own way. I’ll be announcing my next projects in the coming weeks. Until that time, trust that anything I involve myself with will have real resources, time and attention behind the words and not rhetoric for press events. I'm serving notice we're over rhetoric.

Get involved

I urge minority constituents throughout the state to hold all of our leadership accountable. If you do not see progress or movement on the issues you care most about that affect your life don’t accept it. Remember, they work for you so expect them to work as such. This isn’t only about leadership. Their teams are responsible too. Look at the positions affecting the areas you are most passionate about and evaluate the performance of those employees. If there is not a trend of improvement within those areas request they be replaced.

Vision must be in alignment

It is my belief that if Illinois had leadership and staff who truly cared about the positive impact these efforts would have on communities throughout the proper attention and resources needed would be addressed and we’d experience change.

Not all bad

I met a handful of people along this journey who care about their work. Their dedication and commitment are palpable and while the numbers are few they served to give me a glimmer of hope that we have a chance to turn this around.

This isn't the end

This isn’t the end, but I have taken this work as far as I believe can at this time. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It has been an honor and I look forward to this next chapter.